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08.07.10 - LONG TIME NO BLA...
dear reader_in, i hope you didn't think k.i. is
dead. he's not, but was and is still i bit more busy with his band the m()cks. believe it or not - tha e band will be on tour in the us of a this august together with Rapid Cities from new jersey. in september both bands will also be playing shows over here. check the bands' pages for updates...
as for kid ikarus: i am working on new songs at the moment, which looks something like this:

i hope to have something ready for the two upcoming berlin shows on july 18th and 24th (check dates section...)


01.03.10 - MARCH SHOWS
a couple of shows in this lovely month. as myself
or part of bands:

04.3. berlin - Schokoladen - KID IKARUS
05.3. berlin - Antje Oeklesund - PONK
12.3. berlin - Zosch - MOCK
18.3. berlin - Schokoladen - AMPL:TUDE
19.3. bremen - Zucker Club - AMPL:TUDE

04.02.10 - MOCK MOCK MOCK
...on tour with that band i play drums in:

... www.mockmockmock.de

25.01.10 - LOST PROJECTS
i found this track i once made some years ago for this side project i had in mind back then (Look, I'm A Kite). a little semi-improvised thing called "struthiomimus". sounds pretty kid ikaresque to me. crappy tape-recorded stuff for you and yours. click the upsidedown ostrich-like dinosaur:

good old "berlin rio tokio" is featured on volume 3
of the berlin songs compilation put together by the organizers of the 'fourtrack on stage' shows. 27 tracks. Ching Chong Song, Horror Me, Lonski & Classen, ... berlin anti-folk in full effect.

hey! a belated happy happy new new one to all of you. during the last weeks i've been listening to Zookeeper's song "snow in berlin" again a few times. this is why:

...Chris! waves to you. i like how you keep adjusting your capo while announcing songs.

YES! finally! my impro-tralala-album "fingertier" is out on froggi records. i played something like a release show with Björn Kleinhenz yesterday. another one tonight at schokoladen. so good to be playing together again! also some other nice surprises...
/// ok. this is the hand of mr. daubentonia madagascariensis...and the tape cover as well:

19.10.09 - CAT PEE CASE
good bye, dear case. you outlived many k.i. shows and even the rough life on the road couldn't harm you. but the cat peed in you and so you have to go. i'm sorry. you were a friend.


13.10.09 - GURKENTIER
now: gurken
later: finger

MOIN! i'm back from the tour with Solemn League. and, damn, it was a fun week! thanks to everyone involved in putting up the shows and thanks to the League for bringing me and mOck along. it was a pleasure, ALTAAAA!

01.09.09 - HUNDEKUCHEN
halla ballo. i just found this picture i took in göteborg sometime in 2007, while visiting Björn there. i don't know...i like it.

HEY! there's going to be a nice little 4-day tour end of september. the wonderful band Solemn League invited me to play with them. so far we got Münster, Koblenz and Landau on the list. dates will be updated! after the four days i will trade keys and strings for sticks and mOck will join the League for another 3 shows.
i am...we are looking forward to that very much!

13.07.09 - PHOTOS...FINALLY
moin moin! i finally managed to get my 12-picture analogue film developed. hard to believe how
everything changed: today, if you don't get your pictures right away i guess you just forget them.
...so i scanned them with my sucky scanner. i like the flame effect on the paletazo picture though. hot show, chris!

...lovely tour. lovely memories.

03.07.09 - TANTE TRUDE
Ampl:tude are writing new hits at the moment!
18.07.09. - berlin - schokoladen (hoffest)
07.08.09. - jenseits von millionen festival

06.06.09 - FOR ELISSE
...hey. funny. do you recognize it from somewhere? well this shot of it is the cover of a
seven inch by ...uhm...damn, what was the name of that band again? ......ääh......
...ah!: Pretty Girls Make Graves. haha!

06.06.09 - ...BACK HOME
so finally i got some time to write something here. after coming back home things have been crazy busy. mostly work and preparing for the mOck tour keep me from taking care of the cold i cought in paris...however i managed to do that in 25° C. so...the tour with Love Of Everything was GRANDIOSE! i had such a great time with Bobby, Elisse, Chris, Dima and Nunu and all the people we met. Paris gets an extra big BIG UP! that was pretty something, dear city of love! und danke nochmal, björn!

02.06.09 - AFTER THE TOUR
folks! i just came back home from a wonderful
tour with the amazing Love Of Everything and Paletazo. ... more shall be written down SOON! ...

09.05.09 - BEFORE THE TOUR
...desk work

27.04.09 - ...SOON
hui! pretty soon i'm going to be on tour again. can't wait. until then i need about 4 tons of ideas
for some new songs. i got a new set up in mind. let's see what it can do for us. last night i grabbed a pencil and brush:

Björn + me = FROGBONESALAD. the split tape is finally here...yeah, with the actual covers. if you want a copy, feel free to drop me an e-mail at derfroggi[at]gmx[dot]de

...for some souvenirs check out Björn's BERLIN/HANNOVER album at kleinhenz.se
booking change: Kolleqt called it quits (i guess), so now you can find me at the very likable headquarters of X IS FOR KISSES - booking & freindship. thanks, stefan!


11.03.09 - FROG BONE 1/2
ok...the tape release show(s) for the split tape will apparently have to do without the actual covers,
since the print shop is a lame one, haha. but what the hell, exclusive provisional covers are everybody's darling anyway, right? so björn will perform some magic and everything will be finy-fine.
......... make sure to be there:
14.03. berlin - valentin stüberl
17.03. hannover - nice/nice exhibition space

26.01.09 - FROG BONE SALAD
my dear friend Björn Kleinhenz and me will finally release our split tape "frog bone salad" on ...well, of course: froggi records!
more news on that one soon...

22.02.09 - & FRIENDS
a kid.i show of the special kind with some
wonderful musical friends, adding their spice to the soup, can be witnessed this thursday:

make sure to show up in time!

26.01.09 - KID KOLLEQT
yo, party people! you are now allowed to find and book your very own kid ikarus experience at
Stefan, thanks for making me part of it. i feel welcome at a place where i meet friends that make me meet new friends.
>>> booking.kolleqt.com
[no longer valid! find me at X IS FOR KISSES]

it's funny...people around me, let's say my age, they don't like wishing each other a merry christmas. everybody think's it's lame. i realized
they compensate it by wishing a happy new year ...in quite an old fashioned way, but i guess that's less lame. well, anyway: happy happy! new new!
so, what's ahead?:
a) i'm pretty much looking forward to going on tour with Love Of Everything, the solo project of Bobby Burg, who otherwiese spends time playing in bands like Make Believe and Joan Of Arc ("hui!"). that's going to be this may. there are some dates listed already.
b) i just finished editing a new album called "fingertier". it's the outcome of a improvisation session i had in my room some months go. some pretty raw stuff there, brace yourself! (°_°) it just needs some nice artwork and then it will be ready for rocket launch. i'm thinking cd and tape version...

c) + ! my friend Stefan will now be doing some booking for me. welcome aboard, yo! get in touch with him for shows: stefan |at| kolleqt.com !

here's my little present for your holidays. i found the key to a perfect christmas song. well, of course first of all it should be 3 minutes and 30 seconds long (logo). and i reduced the whole thing to the
vital essence, the one instrument that makes a holiday smash hit. so enjoy:
Kid Ikarus - holiday hit (glöckli2008)

so...happy tralala and a healty new year to all of you!

(click the a horse or roe deer)


21.11.08 - BACK FROM TOUR
i'm back from the tour with Ava and Jordan. Sick but happy!
thanks to everybody involved. Alessandro, Paolo,
Guillaume, Marco, Samuele, Giacomo and all the others my flu filled head doesn't remember right now... i had a fudging blast!

02.11.08 - TOUR POSTER


Rooftops // cdr version // 15 tracks // oh la la !
it's out now.
>>> Libuda Records


hey! my video for "Berlin Rio Tokio" is ready! check out what Stephane and i made:
>> Berlin Rio Tokio - Video <<

a) Libuda Records will release a cd re-issue of my two long sold out "Rooftops" eps/albums. the date is october 31st!
b) the tour split tape with Jordan and Ava Petit René will be out on november 8th. the berlin show at Schokoladen will be the perfect environment to celebrate that fine collaboration!
c) my dear friend Björn Kleinhenz asked 11 friends to cover the songs of his album. Kid Ikarus is among them. you can download my version of "princes" along with many other interpretations by The Rabbit Theory (amazing!), Pete Thompson, We Are Soldiers We Have Guns and many others by going to www.kleinhenz.se.

16.10.08 - RABBIT REMIX
hello, bello! i made a remix of Tidy Kid's and Sandstorm's "fluffy rabbit". you can listen to it on my m-spacKKK page and hopefuly soon on a
limited edition cd release with a new song by both Tidy Kid and Sandstorm, along with 3 other remixes. let's see... enjoy the kling klang klong!

05.10.08 - EGO WEB
hello, kids! i added a kind of blog to the
homepage. mosty you will find pictures that i take with my floppy disk camera there. maybe i will also write this or that. we'll see. click the button to the left saying "EGO WEB" to get there. peace. k.i.

23 .09.2008 - PUPPETS.PEER. PARTY.
click the kissers
29.09. - Raumerweiterungshalle
Wehrbellinstr. 50 - U: Boddinstr.
(puppets puppen puppets)
PEER (bringer/songreißer)
+ special guest (?)
beginn: 20:00!

18.09.2008 - NEXT PUPPET SHOW
click the kids

11.09.2008 - A LITTLE TREAT
here's a little song for you. it doesn't have real name so let's just call it "baby piano", since that is the instrument it's made with. i bought it on a swedish country side flea market and i was actually not allowed to. there has been a diskussion about wheather or not it would still fit into my room. (sorry, Lisa.) the track is a demo i originally made for the upcoming split tape with Björn Kleinhenz. anyway - here you go!


hallo ballo! kidikarus.de is finally ready!
thank you so so much for designing it, Robert!!
there's plenty of things ahead: a tour in november and a couple of not yet thought out ep releases. check back soon to get updated...
peace. * kid.i

i'm playing this little feathered fellow, rudolph, in the new Sidekicks puppet theatre produktion called "feathers". we'll play it a couple of times in berlin. make sure to check it out!

upcoming "feathers" shows:
21.09.08 - Berlin - Schokoladen
29.09.08 - Berlin - Raumerweiterungshalle
[birthday show - feat. Peer live]
19.10.08 - Berlin - Schokoladen
25.10.08 - Berlin - Musenstube

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