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25.51.18 Berlin - Kastanienkeller w/ Freddy Knop, Jump & Run (tape release show!)

17.05.18 - JUMP AND RUN
hi! please make sure not to miss this: JUMP & RUN are Nepumuk & Ruff Tuff Tuff aka Knowsum & Johannes Lauxen and they are dope as fuck. we will celebrating the tape release of their short but teriffic masterpiece "musik ist sich egal 2". Freddy and i will open for them and we are very much looking forward to it! Kastanienkeller, Berlin-Prezlauer Berg is the place to be on friday may 25th!

hey y'all! finally 18! a happy new year to you - jepp, you in particular! if you are reading this you are one of a chosen (?) few. and you're special. with the new year being here, i realized that i missed out on spreading the word about the still new Ampl:tude record, that we named "ENDLICH MITTWOCH". you can get it on our bandcamp page or through other means of modern online technology (fascinating!).
that being said ... there's a Kid Ikarus show coming up. i'll open up for Sweden's/Berlin's very own Sockiplasts at Laika in Berlin on the 20th of January. looking forward!

20.09.17 - BINGO & BONGO
hi ! so here is this year's news entry on the ever so busy web page kidikarus.de! and of course it - once again - is about Petula and myself celebrating our birthday(s?). this time we're having two nights of live music and disco bar greatness. reinfeiern und rausfeiern. yes!

Sept. 28th: Kid Ikarus + UNS +DJ
Sept. 29th: Petula + Ampl:tude (album release!)

that's right. Ampl:tude will be celebrating their 4th and finally fertiggereiftes album "Endlich Mittwoch". self released via knertz (lp) and froggi records (tape)!

07.08.16 - BEEP BEEP
hi there! tempus fugit. i'm playing two shows in september. one is a house show, in support of Portland's Cars & Trains at "B8". e-mail me for info on the where and when ans stuff. the other will be at Schokoladen - the annual birthday ffuunn with my dear freundchen Petula. please join us for some good old selbstbeweihräucherung. and cake (i guess). also playing: Boy Omega

after a pretty extended period of live abstinace i am pleased to announce that i'll be playing at Berlin's one and only Schokoladen on the 10th of december. it's benefit show. all money donated at the door will go to the PLUS 1 initiative. 3 acts...so it's best to come early.
looking forward to this!

16.05.15 - JWA

11.10.14 - THEATRE
oh, right! i forgot to mention the theatre projects i'm part of at the moment: they're all at Ballhaus Ost, Berlin. right now HotAirProduction is showing the sci-fi film adaptation "Wir Sind Die Roboter". next dates: 16th, 17th and 18th of october. on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th of november we'll play more shows of "Heimliches Berlin" (directed by Daniel Schrader). and in december 2014 we will bring to you "I Beliebe In Jim Jones" - i'm very excited about that! hope to see you around.

wonderboy Petula and me will follow our little tradition of playing a show together on our borthday / this time into our birthday. sunday, 28th of september. it will be a house show. in case you want to squeeze yourself into one room with our friends, please write to: derfroggi[at]gmx[dot]de

22.03.14 - SCHOKO SHOW