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20.09.19 Berlin - PARK(ing) Day, Richardkiez
(@ Kreuzung Hertzbergstr. / Böhmische Str.)
... Kid Ikarus live + Moderation zw. 14 und 17 Uhr

16.09.19 - HEY!
first K.I. live appearance in 2019 at PARK(ing) Day in Berlin-Rixdorf. see you!

this year's double birthday concert will see the first
appearance of Dr. Fraggle & Mr. Tscheitsch playing a short set on their own. Ampl:tude will we there, Petula's UNS will play. and the two wonder boys of Jump & Run will have a new single out on Floppi Records. reasons upon reasons to celebrate!

17.05.18 - JUMP AND RUN
hi! please make sure not to miss this: JUMP & RUN are Nepumuk & Ruff Tuff Tuff aka Knowsum & Johannes Lauxen and they are dope as fuck. we will celebrating the tape release of their short but teriffic masterpiece "musik ist sich egal 2". Freddy and i will open for them and we are very much looking forward to it! Kastanienkeller, Berlin-Prezlauer Berg is the place to be on friday may 25th!

hey y'all! finally 18! a happy new year to you - jepp, you in particular! if you are reading this you are one of a chosen (?) few. and you're special. with the new year being here, i realized that i missed out on spreading the word about the still new Ampl:tude record, that we named "ENDLICH MITTWOCH". you can get it on our bandcamp page or through other means of modern online technology (fascinating!).
that being said ... there's a Kid Ikarus show coming up. i'll open up for Sweden's/Berlin's very own Sockiplasts at Laika in Berlin on the 20th of January. looking forward!

20.09.17 - BINGO & BONGO
hi ! so here is this year's news entry on the ever so busy web page kidikarus.de! and of course it - once again - is about Petula and myself celebrating our birthday(s?). this time we're having two nights of live music and disco bar greatness. reinfeiern und rausfeiern. yes!

Sept. 28th: Kid Ikarus + UNS +DJ
Sept. 29th: Petula + Ampl:tude (album release!)

that's right. Ampl:tude will be celebrating their 4th and finally fertiggereiftes album "Endlich Mittwoch". self released via knertz (lp) and froggi records (tape)!

07.08.16 - BEEP BEEP
hi there! tempus fugit. i'm playing two shows in september. one is a house show, in support of Portland's Cars & Trains at "B8". e-mail me for info on the where and when ans stuff. the other will be at Schokoladen - the annual birthday ffuunn with my dear freundchen Petula. please join us for some good old selbstbeweihräucherung. and cake (i guess). also playing: Boy Omega

after a pretty extended period of live abstinace i am pleased to announce that i'll be playing at Berlin's one and only Schokoladen on the 10th of december. it's benefit show. all money donated at the door will go to the PLUS 1 initiative. 3 acts...so it's best to come early.
looking forward to this!

16.05.15 - JWA

11.10.14 - THEATRE
oh, right! i forgot to mention the theatre projects i'm part of at the moment: they're all at Ballhaus Ost, Berlin. right now HotAirProduction is showing the sci-fi film adaptation "Wir Sind Die Roboter". next dates: 16th, 17th and 18th of october. on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th of november we'll play more shows of "Heimliches Berlin" (directed by Daniel Schrader). and in december 2014 we will bring to you "I Beliebe In Jim Jones" - i'm very excited about that! hope to see you around.

wonderboy Petula and me will follow our little tradition of playing a show together on our borthday / this time into our birthday. sunday, 28th of september. it will be a house show. in case you want to squeeze yourself into one room with our friends, please write to: derfroggi[at]gmx[dot]de

22.03.14 - SCHOKO SHOW
my dear friend Ava is in town and she brought her super talented partner in crime Ismael. together they are Sages Comme Das Sauvages and they play french songs with greek instruments (that's how Ava described it). Come check them out at Schokoladen. i'm playing aswell. i'm looking forward to entering this beloved rose red stage again!!
>>> 27.3.14 START: 8 p.m.
>>> Schokoladen-Mitte, Ackerstraße 169

ya know , i play in this "puzzle rock" trio. we just released a new 4-track EP called "Componets" through Coraille. 10"! this is my teenage vinyl format dream come true. you can listen to it and order it on bandcamp.

20.12.13 - DR. FRAGGLE & TANUKI
here's a gift for you. berlin underground rap heads Dr. Fraggle (he's a very close friend of mine) and the surprising newcomer Tanuki recorded an exclusive christmas track for all y'all and wraped it nicely. download it from progolog.de
please enjoy and have a nice couple of holy days. or, you know, like, whatever *

05.11.13 - 'VE BEEN AWAY (°-°)/
time flies. holy moley! i didn't ubdate this thing in a while. Kid Ikarus was resting. i'm actually trying to get my shiat together and plan to work on a record of some sort. it might also be 'one of my friends' who put out something first. we'll see. ok, for now i have this show to announce at :// about blank with the kool krazy kids of FNFN (formerly fnessnej). looking forward to that!


looking forward...

10.02.13 - BIZZY
... "never no time to play, gotta keep working every day. never no time to play, gotta make moves with no delay"...

26.12.12 - NEW YEAR'S SCHMIEF!
time to change the year like a pair of sox. Ampl:tude are playing two shows before the dawn (drums! brass!) of 2012: at Grüner Salon (30th of dec) and at Schokoladen (31st of dec), which will be supported by not me, but my friends Dr. Fraggle, Coerackt, Cpt. Wedding and others will do the job. hot!

jiiiha! the tape is now available through froggi records + you can find the wonderful outcome of the collaboration with my dear freund sn cl aka Petula
floating around in digi-world...precisely: HERE. please enjoy. FREUNDE SIND GUT DRAUF! // danke Robert!

here's the flyer for this year's Petula &+ Kid Ikarus birthday celebration show, looking far out:

03.09.12 - 'AUDIO GRAFFITI'
hi. here are two short interviews about some tape player interventions i did during the Ars Electronica 2012 in Linz:

31.08.12 - GRIESS ÄICH!
fountain installation.

...ketchup, majo UND senf!

25.08.12 - DU SERVUS!
hi. i'm in linz with a group from school. we're working on projects for this years Ars Electronica festival. fun stuff. right now i'm trying to get all nerdy, putting my non-mac laptop next to real computers.

today is your birthday? no?! well here's a gift anyway: i put 'fingertier', 2009's album with 2007's lo-fi living room improvisations, on soundcloud. feel free to go and grab it!


you should go there if you're in berlin:

16.05.12 - NEW / OLD EP COMING UP
i'm putting together an EP of some songs that i began some years back right after the rooftops EPs, that i played some of them live sometimes. there will be some refreshing going on. more news soon.

...talking about EPs: my homie pOnk has one coming up, to be released on may 29th via Mush Records. make sure to check it out. it's called 'remaking the past' and it is pOnk's reinterpretation of tracks we recorded for the mOck album. jepp, he plays in that band too.

01.05.12 -

i'm going to work today.
that's not A-...
that's not even B-ok.
but hey.
i guess that is just the way
life goes sometimes, right?
>yeah, whatever<

with my band mOck we will release our debut album very soon (march 30th). but you can already stream the entire album on bandcamp and visit our virtual home. we are happy little motherfoxers. (°-°)/


i'm involved in a theatre production at Ballhaus Ost, berlin. the piece is called "Der Flop" and it's based on a book by science-fiction writer Stanislaw Lem. i'm doing some sound stuff for it, but ended up also playing a character. we'll play it on the 10th, 11th, 13th and 14th of december. i hope to see some of you there!
infotext flop // www.ballhausost.de

29.11.11 - TOOOT---TOOOT---TOOOT

not much kid.i news at the moment. i know. i'm kinda busy being one third of this pretty groovy band called M()CK. our record will be released in february. we're working hard, putting final (and semi-final) touches on it. //

jippi. Petula and me are getting older and we're planning to have some music related fun while doing so. join the fete:

03.09.11 - IT'S THE RETURN
it's ok to hold your breath. the one and the only Cpt. Wedding is about to return!

23.08.11 - BESTER TYP

21.08.11 - SENTENZ # 1
runde libellen beißen nicht.

the Kid Ikarus feat. Lecker Katze Lecker Hund version of Peer's 'julia roberts' is now online. a 5 1/2 minute version of a 30 second masterpiece. there's a limited number of free downloads available. amongst others also our buddy Petula has contributed to the cover compilation...
che-check 'wir sind undercover'

22.07.11 - JULIA ROBERTS I
Jo Outpt and me just made a nice little impro cover version of the song 'julia roberts' by our dear friend Peer. it will be part of the Peer Band's compilation 'wir sind undercover' that is free for download on their page. i'll let you know when it's up. peace!

both mOck and Ampl:tude will play the Schokoladen Hoffest this friday. mr. pOnk and me will play at Madame Claude this saturday and on the 19th we'll play a split set supporting Baltimore's Future Islands at Lovelite. nice!

23.05.11 - SUPPORT THIS
my homies pOnk and Tidy Kid + special guest Oy!! go check them out!

this friday i play a show with the exquisite Tidy Kid at the cosy Valentin Stüberl. it's a kind of intimate prelude to the great show, a week after, presented by Froggi Records & Creaked Records: Tidy Kid + pOnk + Oy at Schokoladen!!! more on that soon...

kleiner text:
Wenn der Zweck die Mittel heiligt, dann haben wir es hier mit einer sich selbst in den Schwanz beissenden Doppelfrechheit zu tun. Der allmächtige Dilletantismus und das über dem Können stehende einfach-machen sind Zündkerze, lange Leitung und Teilchenbeschleuniger zugleich. Vielleicht ein Keyboard, vielleicht eine Triangel. Vielleicht der Schmadder aus alter Cola und Fusseln auf dem Boden in der Ecke da drüben. Aus allem kann man eine dumme Idee machen. Die Kid Ikarus Halbplaybackshow auf Abwegen. Es lebe die dumme Idee.

31.03.11 - PARIS, OLD SCHOOL

11.02.11 - PIXIES
pretty last minute. the KID will, in some form, yet unknown to himself, take part in tomorrow's actions at schokoladen. it's a Pixies cover evening, introduced by some covers of The Replacements. it will be fun.
>>> www.schokoladen-mitte.de

30.01.11 - TAGS
i played at ujz korn in hannover today, where i
stumbled over some familiar names on the walls and sealing of the back stage room. some of these tags are pretty foxing old...

24.01.11 - PICTURES

...some new and old pictures are here.



hello, 2000and11! there's a lot of stuff on the to
do list for this year. some long planned releases. let's see. up next is some more mOck action (new homepage, recording our album in february...). so far a couple of new shows have been added...

30.12.10 - DEMO PARTY
RELEASE TODAY. haha. if anyone should be interested in getting a copy tonight at KIM - don't be mad if i have only 5 pieces ready (stupid smily face) ...we just finished recording the new Ampl:tude record today. so days have been packed. wooohaaaaa! ... come see Birthmark!

22.12.10 - NEW RELEASE - OHA! OHA! II

...just edited the songs with my man pOnk for this new album, or better: this conglomerate of hits and shits. ... i mean HITS!!! here's a very bad scan of the very good cover:

KID.I will be supporting the grandiose Birthmark
on the 30th + i'm using this occasion for dropping DEMO PARTY.

16.12.10 - NEW RELEASE - OHA! OHA! I
...zack! erstmal auf deutsch, weil das geht ja doch manchmal schneller: der 30.12. wurde vor 5 minuten zum release datum für mein neues album mit dem titel DEMO PARTY auserkoren. in guter alter Kid.I manier wird das eine lustige mischung aus verschiedenen homerecordings und so. eigentlich geht's nur darum, dass mein werter mitbewohner Herr Zühlke die ganze zeit rumnervt, dass die "dance party" und das "dinosauererlied" ja niergends drauf sind. stimmt. darum DEMO PARTY. sonst noch mit dabei so kram, den ich hier mal auf die seite gepackt hab etz...mehr info alsbald!

06.11.10 - SCHNIPPEL

18.09.10 - BACK FROM TOURING...
so what's new? K.I. will open for Baltimore's very own Future Islands on the 16th of october at Schokoladen. rumor has it that 3 individuals might join me to play a couple of cover songs by this band Ampl:tude...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
sad news: Hans Wurst, the wonderful vegan restaurant, run by wonderful people is closing down today. so i put this video of the 1 jear anniversary show on the page. R.I.P. Hansi!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
so...the tour(s) with mOck in the US and over here have been nothing but terrific! aces! mind bowling! foxin awesome! hugs and hearts to Rapid Cities, my two Fs and everyone who made it happen. the fun included getting kicked out of a basment at 5 am in Indiana, not being able to close my mouth for a half hour on the 51st floor in Manhatten and running through an open firehydrant with Shaun and Elisse in Chicago.

for more sweet tour memories in pixel form go to: mOck.space or mOck.book

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